Why the service desk is the heart of your assurance framework

Faced with more demanding customers, increasing competitive pressures and a richer service portfolio, operators need more than ever to proactively manage and assure services and network infrastructure.

Proactively monitoring and preventing potential network performance and IT infrastructure problems, can help operators to reduce costs, avoid penalties associated with breaking SLA terms. Furthermore, the confidence gained from more effective network operations – through the intelligent use and presentation of critical network data optimised to the needs of any service and infrastructure – can ultimately drive your business forward by helping to attract and retain customers.

A vast array of information flows through the network, and is captured by aggregators, which can be correlated to produce an end-to-end view of network performance. Automated alarms, triggered by events that feed into other systems to generate actionable responses, are an essential component of the assurance framework.

An optimised service assurance framework ensures that operators can obtain and make sense of network performance information, statistics and reports from multiple sources – as well as plan effectively for the future.

However, it is the service desk that sits right at the heart of your OSS infrastructure and assurance framework. The service desk provides visibility and control of operational data for different users within the organisation.

It allows businesses to organise workflows to manage customer care more efficiently, track issues, enhance workflow, meet SLAs, and ultimately grow their business with individual customers. Customer care is an essential part of this and demands particular attention. Put simply, the faster issues are resolved, the greater the cost savings.

NetVision Service Desk is a complete service problem management solution that sits at the heart of all customer service activity. It ensures that requests and customer service activities are converted to measurable and actionable items.

NetVision Service Desk is a critical element for the conversion of input into operational intelligence, as well as the co-ordination of communications and management of work flows. It can help operators to concentrate and consolidate management information for technical support, help IT to investigate issues and diagnose for service improvement, gracefully manage and schedule changes and requests, help to meet SLAs, ensure compliance with international standards and best practice, among multiple further benefits.

To find out how ISPM can help position your service desk right at the heart of your OSS infrastructure, and ultimately drive business, please visit us at: www.ispm.com/oss-service-assurance-solutions/service-level-management-solutions.

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