ISPM creates lab to help optimise its service level management platform NetVision for hybrid network environments

As Software Defined Networks start to revolutionise the way operators deploy and manage a new generation of networks and services, ISPM has created a lab to simulate hybrid networks and to help optimise its network management platform NetVision.

Software Defined Networks (SDN) will revolutionise the way operators deploy networks and the services they provide. As well as eliminating the need for further network infrastructure investment, they will allow operators to better manage network traffic and performance, and create a new generation of virtualised services.

However legacy network infrastructures must still coexist with these new virtualised network environments, as it will be necessary to collect information from both types of networks through management protocols, the integration of plugins and APIs developed for these new network environments. This provides a challenge for operators.

So there is a growing need for operators and service providers to be able to manage hybrid network environments, and manage not only legacy network infrastructure, but also new virtualised networks based on SDN.

"The SDN will revolutionise the way you think, design and implement network infrastructures, in addition to expanding the horizons in virtualised environments in the data centre, especially for telecom and cloud service providers to service providers," Walmir Costas, systems engineer for ISPM, explained in a recent interview with BIT Magazine.

To meet this demand from operators to manage hybrid environments, ISPM has expanded the capabilities of its existing NetVision service level management platform to include integrated fault management, performance, service desk and SLA to provide a single tool that supports the complete management requirements of SDN networks in a hybrid environment.

ISPM has created a lab that simulates SDN networks and analyses how they integrate with legacy data networks. The goal was to improve the NetVision platform with a focus on managing hybrid networks with an 'over the top' view.

The result is a modular network management solution for hybrid networks that can eliminate faults in the network management process arising from the implementation of new technologies and services.

"We have invested to provide to the market a solution that can help the network operators. The NetVision platform provides better operating results and transmits these benefits to their end users," concluded Costa.

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