Broadband Technical Manager

eTOM and ITIL Broadband Technical Solutions

The NetVision Broadband Technical Management solution has been designed to meet demand from network operators and broadband access providers for accurate measurement of quality of service delivery to their customers.

It addresses several key requirements, enabling assured broadband management and QoS enforcement. The NetVision Broadband Technical Management solution helps network operators and broadband access providers maintain outstanding customer satisfaction and assists in compliance to SLAs.

With NetVision Broadband Technical Manager,
organisations can:

  • Measure actual quality of broadband services delivered
  • Map consumed capacity, enabling more effective capacity planning
  • Map user behaviour, characteristics and profiles, enabling service optimisation and new service delivery
  • Generate new business opportunities (upgrades, enhancements, proactive problem resolution)

Key Features

  • Measure the quality of broadband connections
  • Collect broadband performance indicators
  • Enable the deployment of dedicated probes for data collection and broadband quality testing
  • Generates instant throughput metrics
  • Monitor and track average throughput
  • Measure bidirectional latency
  • Measure jitter
  • Monitor discarded or lost packets
  • Monitor service availability

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