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Service Assurance for Smart Grids – How NetVision Can Help

Growth in M2M markets, applications and services has become a key issue for telcos and vendors. Telcos sense an opportunity to leverage their skills in collecting and delivering data; vendors in the OSS space see a need to help provide solutions to ensure that M2M data is delivered efficiently and securely.

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If Brazil had used NetVision, World Cup catastrophe could have been avoided: ISPM shows network operators how to protect and assure networks


Normal incidents can rapidly escalate, spiralling out of control and resulting in network catastrophe. Ensure early detection, proactive service assurance and reliable network performance with NetVision. Don’t pay the penalty.

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Measuring and Managing the Performance of Residential Broadband Services

There is a growing need for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to measure the quality of broadband services delivered to their residential customers. This need has its origins in several drivers. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the difference between the promised broadband service to which they subscribe and the one that is actually delivered, while regulators are acting to compel providers to deliver what they claim.

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The Challenge of Service Assurance for Residential Broadband Customers

Residential broadband markets have boomed in recent years and network operators continue to build out their footprint. As competition increases, they are also creating richer service packages and providing faster access rates to attract more customers. All of which is great for consumers, who now have alternatives to satellite and broadcast TV for entertainment packages and can obtain faster download rates, enabling them to enjoy richer services from their provider and from OTT players.

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Working with ISPM

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Maintaining a High Speed DWDM Fibre Network

When Samm Grupo wanted to manage their costs and optimise their service levels they turned to ISPM.

An eTOM compliant solution to manage and optimise a complex network

Thanks to ISPM, Samm Grupo has been able to deliver complete visibility to operational teams…

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