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Learn more about the flexible, agile NetVision platform with our overview videos.

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    Cockpit Menu

    Learn about the Cockpit menu , the central control hub for the ISPM NetVision platform.

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    Event Menu

    Learn about how to manage events and tickets through the Netvision Event menu.

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    Service Desk Menu

    Summarise, manage and explore tickets via the Service Desk menu.

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    Capacity Menu

    Prioritise and filter indicators, events and tickets in the Capacity menu.

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    Initial Dashboard

    View service history, provisioning and service overview details in the Dashboard.

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    Troubleshoot and resolve problems using the service status functionality.

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    Performance Management

    Manage, view and resolve the performance of individual resources.

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    Root Cause Analysis

    Locate the origin of service issues using the Service Desk menu.

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    Tickets and Events

    Investigate events and tickets with the simple management interface.

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    Resource and Service Indicators

    Drill down on resources to manage and maintain service issues.

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    Integrated Management

    Manage services, service components and resources simply with the intuitive interface.

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Integrated Management of IP Services

When Vivo wanted to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency they turned to ISPM.

An end-to-end viewpoint to manage and monitor resources

Thanks to ISPM, Vivo has been able to reduce operational costs, increase productivity and deliver improved customer serviceā€¦

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