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Operations Services for Telecoms and IT Networks

ISPM provides advanced operations services for telecoms and IT networks, ensuring the availability of information to all relevant stakeholders and its accessibility through clear, graphical visualisation.

Such visualisation enables new processes and activities to be created and launched. A clear operational view of the network helps drive efficiency and new performance benchmarks. At the same time, it can create new revenue opportunities through the discovery of trends and indicators. The ISPM team can develop new indicators, alarms and reports based on evolving requirements, ensuring that operational systems keep pace with demands and changing circumstances.

Operational Clarity to Drive Efficiency and Ensure SLA Conformance

These indicators, alarms and reports can be converted into more automated processes, which delivers significant efficiencies and helps ensure better conformance to SLAs. This can have significant productivity benefits, increase network performance, and helps grow revenue.

Customisation to suit individual environments is essential – systems may replace legacy networks or provide convergence between legacy and NGN. Each situation is subtly different. Our expertise, gained with Tier one global customers since 1998, ensures your ICT environment is fully optimised to your specific needs.

Our range of services includes:

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Integrated Management of IP Services

When Vivo wanted to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency they turned to ISPM.

An end-to-end viewpoint to manage and monitor resources

Thanks to ISPM, Vivo has been able to reduce operational costs, increase productivity and deliver improved customer service…

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