Proactive Service Assurance


Proactive Service Assurance for Telecoms and IT Networks

Proactive service assurance for telecoms and IT networks means the anticipation and prediction of potential or emerging issues. It requires the ability to identify the correct KPIs and to monitor and measure resource status, capacity and throughput in real-time. At ISPM, we understand the benefits and offer a complete, outsourced proactive service assurance solution for telecoms and IT networks.

Proactive service assurance provides a wide range of functions, each of which contributes to efficiency, cost savings and profit goals. For example, it helps avoid costs associated with network recovery, it can reduce or avert penalties for breech of SLA terms and it can help direct future investments more effectively by targeting expenditure where it is actually needed.

Expert Real Monitoring of Your ICT Services

ISPM's proactive service package delivers complete, real-time monitoring of your ICT resources optimised to your business goals and network. With our expert team monitoring your infrastructure, problems can be identified and diagnosed rapidly and remedial action taken to ensure that you run at maximum efficiency, generate cost savings and better ROI.

Our expertise, gained with Tier one global customers since 1998, ensures your ICT environment is fully protected by our proactive professional services team.

Our range of services includes:

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Building Brazil’s First Smart City

Telefonica/VIVO, the largest telecommunications service provider in Brazil, has launched a project to turn Águas de São Pedro, a city in the São Paulo region, into the first smart city in the country.

ISPM NetVision providing total quality control

ISPM will provide technical support and maintenance for over 400 remote solutions used across the health and education sectors.

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