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A Complete Solution for eHealth Service Delivery

eHealth is a key focus in IoT. Delivering better care to chronic patients and extending the reach of healthcare provision to remote areas are clear priorities that are driving interest. Similarly, healthcare providers wish to reduce costs associated with the care of long-term and chronic illnesses, and to increase service efficiency.

Remote monitoring, remote sensors and alarms can easily and effectively be delivered by eHealth solutions. But the critical nature of health means that advanced service delivery and orchestration is required. Situations can change rapidly and routine monitoring may detect an emergency or life-threatening alarm that needs immediate attention.

Delivery of eHealth services is complex. It requires interoperability between different stakeholders, as well as a management system that controls and monitors the transmission of the data collected from the patient to the practitioner and the diagnostic system. It needs a partner with expertise in interoperability, service orchestration and management – and the agility to meet demanding real-time performance requirements.

NetVision IoT is a complete solution for the provision of medical service assurance capabilities to orchestrate the monitoring of remote devices; collection of indicators and medical events; the co-ordination of medical management and control of the processes of medical care.

ISPM’s Expertise for eHealth Solution Delivery

ISPM has taken an active role in eHealth initiatives, both in collaboration with the TM Forum and with service providers around the world. ISPM has supported the development of common practices and processes, based on the Business Process Framework (eTOM) model, which can support each domain and activity in the eHealth environment.

NetVision IoT is a proven eHealth service delivery and orchestration solution that meets exacting, life-critical requirements, resolves interoperability and supports a standards-based approach for the delivery of eHealth services. It manages quality levels between different stakeholders as well as for services as a whole.

NetVision IoT leverages the Standards Information (SID) and Integration (TIP) capabilities of Frameworx to enable efficient orchestration and management of:

  • Systems interoperability
  • Data collection from complex networks
  • Multi-provider environments
  • Device inventory
  • eHealth services catalogue
  • Event correlation
  • Data consolidation
  • Data availability (APIs and Open Data)
  • Information presentation through digital services portal

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ISPM will provide technical support and maintenance for over 400 remote solutions used across the health and education sectors.

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